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Salt Lake City, UT 84101


40.766913, -111.899366

Close to everything.
Far from expected.

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The Grid Hotel will launch in Downtown Salt Lake City in 2023 as part of Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio. Connect with us on social media and join our newsletter to follow our journey.

Explore something new at The Grid

The city is changing, and we’re leading the charge. Meet The Grid, a new hotel for a new Salt Lake City, one dedicated to turning your stay into an SLC experience. We’re part of The West Quarter, a new mixed-use development bringing urban culture, amenities, and excitement to downtown SLC, and introducing guests to a city full of energy.

Situated in the heart of the Warehouse District, The Grid Hotel combines character and comfort with an unrivaled location. Part of Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio, we’re surrounded by shopping, dining, and sightseeing, minutes from historic Temple Square and less than an hour from the best skiing on the planet.

Whatever and wherever you choose to explore on your Salt Lake City visit, we’ll help you get the most out of it. Check-in at The Grid and check out what the new SLC has to offer.

About the Hotel

Discover The Grid, then go off-grid

There’s no city in the world like Salt Lake City, with a rich history and strong community, a welcoming attitude and an adventurous landscape. Its quirks, charms, and flair are all in play at The Grid.

The Grid Hotel is more than a building. It’s the beginning of a more vibrant, urban and connected downtown. It’s a hub where out-of-towners and lived-all-their-lifers can unwind and inspire each other to find that next adventure.

There’s no shortage of reasons for you to stay – in SLC, in The West Quarter and at The Grid. But we hope you never stay put. Go off-Grid and discover our vibrant city and the wonders that surround it for yourself.


Find your pioneer spirit.

Salt Lake City was built by pioneers who turned an inhospitable landscape into a haven. Here in the west side, we’ve been a melting pot of cultures ever since. The Grid builds on this heritage by helping our guests tap into their own pioneer spirit, embrace adventure, and find their own personal oasis in this historic and ever-changing city.

When the city was founded, it was laid out in a grid system with the Salt Lake Temple in the middle. Our name, The Grid, tips its hat to this heritage. But unlike the city’s grid, ours is meant to be broken. Seriously. Go off-Grid. Go off and explore knowing that our space and all its amenities will be here when you’re ready to recharge.

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